Chakras are energy centers in and outside of the physical body. They take in and express vital life force energy. They open and close based on how we live our lives. Each chakra is responsible for the governing of various life systems; emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. A healthy mind, body and spirit are attainable through consistent cleansing of these beautiful life centers.

7th Chakra, violet, Crown

"I am connected to The Divine Source of the Universe. I am light. I trust."
Connection to Divinity, inspiration, divine wisdom, desire for spirituality and enlightenment

6th Chakra, indigo, 3rd Eye

"My mind is open to new vision. I expand my awareness through my higher self."
Intuition (higher self), clairvoyance, concentration, peace of mind, focus

5th Chakra, blue, Throat

"I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this with love and honor. My words echo softly with in the Universe."
Communication (listening as well as speaking), expression of truth, honesty, loyalty, reliability, verbal creative expression

4th Chakra, green, Heart

"My heart is open to receive the energy of love. I radiate this essence. I walk my path with ease and grace."
Self love, acceptance, forgiveness, unconditional love, openness, understanding, selfless service, immune system

3rd Chakra, yellow, Solar Plexus

"My will and Divine Will are One. I am connected to the abundant flow of the Universe and easily manifest my dreams."
Physical center of being, confidence, will power, self esteem, mastery of desire, self control, warmth, humor

2nd Chakra, orange, Sacral

"I love all dimensions of myself. I delight in weaving the creative tapestry that is my life."
Sexuality, creativity, pleasure, emotions (emotional health), giving and receiving,

1st Chakra, red, Root

"I am connected with the energy of Mother Earth. My body, mind and spirit are grounded, centered and purified."
Survival instincts, family, beliefs, physical health, trust, prosperity, courage, strength, grounded, present